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Blend days of discovery with time to enjoy your charming small hotels, get to know your welcoming hosts and linger over delicious local cuisine (wine optional, but encouraged).

Whether you're looking for a peaceful walk in the countryside, a city-hopping train journey or a relaxed drive through the best of everything, we have something special to share with you...

Want to reach Spain without flying? Just let us know as nearly as all our trips can be reached by land or sea, especially if you're a strong swimmer in the case of the islands.

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What is it about Andalucía that has captured your imagination? Is it the Moorish masterpieces of Seville and Granada or the walking trails through chestnut forests? The din of a cosy tapas bar or the silent beauty of olive groves? Sherry, jamón and flamenco?

Whatever it is, both on this page and when you eventually get to Andalucía, we see it is our job to help both introduce you to the headline sights, but also to take you off into the quieter corners, where history, culture and nature flourish away from the traditional tourist trail.

To give but one example, Reconquest history has left its mark in an indelible way in Andalucía. Most obvious, striking and storied are the three great Arabic monuments; Seville's Alcázar, Granada's Alhambra and Córdoba's Mezquita. But what about the frontier watchtowers in the countryside? The sleepy fortress at Alcalá? Málaga's Alcazaba and the hilltop 'Mezquita in miniature' of Almonaster?

Just like all of Andalucía's treasures, Reconquest heritage comes in all shapes and sizes, well-known and barely visited. So to get right at the heart of Andalucía, it pays to get both into and out of the cities. Here's a taster of how.

Walking in Andalucía

"We know no better way to slow down and relax into the rhythm of rural Andalucía, than by exploring on foot. Landscapes become richer, more detailed with every step; a plump pomegranate tree here, a group of wild mushrooms there. Locals look up from their daily duties to exchange a friendly buenos dias. A wide view across a wildflower meadow makes even the humblest of picnics memorable..."

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Spain andalucia almedenilla salto caballo circular c pura aventura 19
Walking past olive groves on our Cordoba to Granada walk
Spain andalucia aracena hills peppers in navahermosa village
Passing through a white village in our Sierra de Aracena walk

Andalucía's great cities

"Let's start in Seville and its nostalgic backstreet tapas bars, fixed so resolutely with one foot in some bygone era; its flamenco tablaos which sweep you into the sultry Andalucían night with a head full of rhythms and mournful cries; its palatial Royal Alcázar, transformed for Christian landlords by the skilled hands of Muslim artisans, forced to convert to Catholocism or flee their homeland..."

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Spain seville giralda cathedral chris bladon pura
Sevilla's Giralda tower framed by an orange tree
Spain andalucia cadiz seafront c chris bladon pura
The emblematic seafront view of Cádiz cathedral

A storied coastline

"A remarkable amount of history has unfolded along Andalucía's Costa de la Luz. But from the uproar of empire building, life has reached a more peaceful plateau these days. Your goal here is not to conquer new lands, but a more modest one; to pick your way through what is quite the tangled web of history, nature, cultural texture and cuisine..."

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Spain andalucia straits of gibraltar from tarifa
North Africa has played an integral role in Andalucía's history
Spain andalucia cadiz barbate coastal walk overview
Surveying the peaceful Costa de la Luz from Barbate

White villages

"Under the watch of the Moors, the white villages assumed their now familiar aspect; pretty whitewashed houses and internal patios rising and falling along undulating streets, encircled by stout walls. In central Andalucía, villages and their castles rise above endless sweeps of olive groves, like a shimmering oasis in a parched desert. Further west, they pop up out of the thick woodland in the distance, islands of white and red in a sea of green..."

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Spain andalucia arcos de la frontera chris bladon 4
Arcos de la Frontera is one of the prettiest white villages
Spain andalucia cadiz vejer sunset
Vejer de la Frontera retains much of its Moorish character

Reconquest monuments

"You probably know about the Alhambra and Mezquita. Together with Seville's Royal Alcázar, this triumvirate represents the crown jewels, compulsory chapters of an age which defined modern Spain. But there are other lesser-known Reconquest monuments we'd also love to share with you. There's the Muslim-mosque-cum-Christian-chapel, way out west above the sleepy village of Almonaster. With its horseshoe arches, minaret-turned-bell-tower and prayer niche pointed to Mecca it could be a Mezquita in miniature. You probably won't have to share it with many other visitors either..."

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Spain andalucia almonaster la real c chris bladon
The 'Mezquita in miniature' in Almonaster
Spain andalucia cordoba mezquita priest mosque c diego
And the actual Mezquita in Córdoba

Tapas bar hopping

"Seville is the home of the tapa. So while you might want to sit down for a full meal in a restaurant at lunch, what is more normal of an evening is to stroll from bar to bar, enjoying a drink and a bite to eat at each, in the Barrio Santa Cruz - the maze of narrow streets in front of the Cathedral bell tower. There are excellent tapas bars and tourist traps in equal measure, but follow your guide Davíd, our recommendations or indeed your nose and you'll likely walk into the right bar at the right time..."

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Spain andalucia seville tapas ham carving in rinconcillo
Ham carving in Seville's historic Rincocillo tapas bar
Spain seville tapas c chris b pura
In Seville your bill is often chalked up on the counter

Live flamenco

"When flamenco goes right you'll just know. You'll feel it, genuinely feel it. Something will move you - a mournful cry expelled directly into the depths of your heart, a guitar solo that sweeps you away and fills your whole body with energy and impulse or the slow, deliberate movements of a dancer, where you feel every twist of a hand, every drawn out drag of a toe. Time seems to stand still, watching with you to see where we go from here..."

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Spain seville flamenco casa de la memoria chris bladon pura
Outstanding flamenco in Seville's Casa de la Memoria
Spain andalucia cadiz jerez tabancos sherry wine bars flamenco
Live flamenco in a tabanco wine bar in Jerez

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