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“The Travel Positive concept is at the heart of Pura Aventura: a commitment to exceptional, personal holidays delivered in a planet positive way with a trusted, accountable company.”

Thomas Power Pura Aventura co-founder

Travel Positive

We maximise the positive aspects of travel while handling the negative with constructive action.

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We believe that travel is inherently a force for good. At its best, it creates confidence, open-mindedness, curiosity, fresh perspectives and new connections which enrich our lives enormously.

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To ensure the best possible experience on a Pura holiday, we limit departures. For instance, on our Inn to Inn walks no one else will set off on the same day as you.

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And to create a more personal connection with the places you travel to, we love you to stay in a majority of owner-run hotels and lodges, like Goretti and Roy's restored rectory in Catalonia.

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For the destinations we visit, travel can create sustainable employment opportunities in rural communities and empower local people to share their local culture exactly as they experience it.

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To maximise this benefit, wherever possible we work directly with our local partners in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Going direct ensures that the money you spend better benefits your hosts.

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Done well, travel can play a critical role in protecting nature. By working directly with communities in and around precious places, we help ensure they are preserved for generations to come.

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Time for wine
We don't think there is any contradiction in travelling responsibly whilst enjoying a fantastic holiday with all the creature comforts, including a glass of wine, or two.

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However, air travel causes significant damage. We cannot claim to be an ethical business without taking positive and decisive action on carbon.

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We take responsibility for the carbon produced by our and our clients' travels. For every kilometre travelled by air and road on a Pura Aventura holiday, we carbon balance it by a mile. That's 160%.

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We work with a best in class Nicaraguan carbon balancing scheme, based on reforestation of subsistence farms with long-term community involvement and financial benefit.

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Bcorp certified
We choose to hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by certifying as B Corp, the UK's first specialist tour operator to achieve this.

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Although we are acting decisively, we are not claiming perfection, we continue to listen and to learn. Ultimately, we must fly less often, stay longer when we do go away, and always Travel Positive.

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Bcorp certified
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Exceptional, personal trips

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We create top-notch original holidays that take you beyond the ordinary. Our independence allows us to tailor differently, passionately creating the best for you.

Our sky-high ratings on reputable review sites are there because our trips really are that amazing. Feefo’s platinum rating requires three consecutive years of gold awards, we have 12, and counting. Their gold standard requires a score of 92% over the course of a year, we average over 98%.

We believe every inch of our customer’s experience and investment are our responsibility, so customers come first in every choice we make. Most of the time these choices involve crafting holidays we are excited to share, so it’s not so tough, really.

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Planet positive holidays

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Why book a holiday which has a negative impact? At Pura Aventura, we measure and we take action. We offset 160% of all of your travel carbon, from your front door and back again. Through this, we are committed to giving 1% of our revenue to environmental projects.

We also run limited departures to protect the beautiful places you visit and we favour small scale and booking direct, to better benefit your host destinations. Truth be told, we don't just want you to travel with a clear conscience, we want you to travel with pride.

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Accountable & trusted

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Health & safety

As the UK's 1stspecialist tour operator to achieve the coveted B Corp certification, we’re publicly, legally committed to balancing profit with people and the planet.

Our more than 20 years' experience has taught us how to fulfill our duty of care to you whilst consistently delivering excellent holidays.

We’re fully bonded with ATOL and ABTOT for your complete financial protection, committed working closely with our partners and even our 'competitors' to share best practices, audit suppliers, and improve standards to the benefit of all.

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Travel Positive in numbers


Services booked directly with our partners, no middle-person


Nights spent in owner-hosted hotels on all Pura Aventura holidays


Rating for customer experience on Feefo, the independent review site


Carbon balanced - a mile for every kilometre travelled by air and road

Why travel with Pura Aventura?

We have been inspiring active travel to Spain, Portugal, and Latin America since 1999.

Travel Positive is the concept that drives us. Its three elements make us unique.

Exceptional, personal trips

Our independence allows us to tailor differently, passionately creating the best holidays for you.

Planet positive action

Travel with a clear conscience. Our measures mean your holidays have a positive impact.

Accountability & trust

We are the UK's first specialist tour operator to certify as a B Corp. We are fully bonded by ATOL and ABTOT.

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