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Trujillo & the North

Relaxed, friendly and enduringly Peruvian, with an understated elegance and colonial charm. We really like Trujillo and its walkable streets. But it’s not the only reason you’re up here. There's history to be relived and fresh ceviche to be enjoyed...

Peru trujillo colonial plaza c sarah pura
Walking the colonial streets of Trujillo

Peru’s culture did not begin with the Incas and end with the Spanish and their descendents. Long before that, there were civilisations building their empires here which set the development of history and local culture along very different lines to the mountains of the south. Steering your course north paints a very different picture of Peru to the stories weaved in the Sacred Valley.

We’d love to share it with you.

Life before the Incas

So much of Peru’s history and identity is focused around the Inca Empire So seeing the historical and cultural importance of the Chimu and Moche periods adds extra layers of depth to the story of this highly diverse country.

Around 600 years ago, Chan Chan was home to over 50,000 people from the Chimu empire - the largest city in the Americas. While heavy rainfall has washed away much of its structure, some substantial parts of the ruins remain intact and the site is utterly fascinating. You’ll also visit elaborate Moche pyramids, built using 100 million adobe blocks, and a burial site where the female mummy during an excavation in 2005 shattered the belief that the Moche civilization was patriarchal.

Peru trujillo el brujo c sarah pura1
El Brujo - burial site of the Mummy of Cao
Peru north chan chan ruins trujillo peru
Chan Chan was once the largest city in the Americas

Ceviche by the coast
The relaxed fishing village of Huanchaco is said to be the home of ceviche, Peru’s national dish. So where better to enjoy a freshly-prepared ceviche lunch? Some of the local fishermen still use the ancient Caballitos de Totora - canoes made from reeds used in this part of Peru for the last 3,000 years. Because we're not in a rush, there'll be time to sit and watch them work and ask questions if you want.

Peru pura aventura tortura reed fishing boat huanchaco 9
Fishing is still done in traditional reed boats in Huanchaco
Peru pura aventura ceviche huanchaco 8
Huanchaco is said to be home to Peru's finest ceviche

How to visit Trujillo and the north with Pura Aventura
We like to have you stay up here for at least three nights, time enough to get you out to the various historical archaeological sites, to swing you out to the coast and for ample time ambling around this most relaxed and most Peruvian of cities. Trujillo pairs particularly well with a couple of nights in Lima and then an immersion in the texture of the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Cusco. It's a real contrast between Pacific and Andes, life on the coast and life in the mountains. That's a trip of around two weeks, to which we can easily add time in the Amazon and/or exploring the Colca Canyon and nearby Arequipa. Whatever your ideas, we'd love to hear them and sketch out a Peru vacation that is tailored just to you.