Spain rioja Camino cereals poppy c dmartin

Camino de Santiago

The most emblematic, beautiful and storied sections of Spain's Caminos

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With tailored handpicked hikes, welcoming guesthouses and no heavy bags to carry, enjoy only the very best sections of Spain's ancient Caminos on a relaxing walking vacation.

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When to walk the Camino

Spain rioja Camino cereals poppy c dmartin
Poppies in the ceral fields of Castile

April to June, September to early November

Whichever path you’re plotting to Santiago - our highlights of the French, or a bespoke weave of three or more routes - the spring and fall are the sweet spots. It’s warm without being unpleasant, even on the high plains. And it’s usually fairly dry for the most part, especially on the high plains.

Spring and early summer brings with it colourful wildflowers, rich green pastures, new bird life and cider season in the Basque Country and Asturias. The onset of fall tinges the forest leaves and vines ever more beautiful hues of reds, yellows and ochres and signals harvest time in La Rioja.

In July and August, particularly in the middle part of the vacation, temperatures rise up to 30°C and above, which is often too hot for enjoyable hiking if you ask us. If you want to explore northern Spain during these months, opt instead for Across Northern Spain: Drive & Explore Vacation, which clings closer to the coast and mixes up the walking with activities and time spent exploring local villages and cities.

By contrast, wet and chilly conditions are the order of the day in the winter. Head for the warmer, and drier, climes of Andalucía instead for your winter walking.

Spain rioja vinyards autumn c nanisub2
Fall in La Rioja
Spain camino ladies walking pink wild flowers and greenery
Spring wild flowers on the Camino