Andalucía Vacations

Hiking vacations, road trips & tailormade tours to Andalucía

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Moorish palaces and storied cities; sunlit villages and quiet walking trails. These are the headline acts and the hidden highlights of Andalucía, shared on your terms, at your pace.


Please note that the below stats are taken from Seville, so the climate will vary depending on where you are in this vast and varied region. The Granada and Córdoba regions tend both to be drier in the winter, for example. Hopefully it should give you an idea of what to expect and what to enjoy as the year rolls along though.


Month Av °C Av rain (mm) Conditions Highlights
January 10.3 76 Good Three Kings parades
February 11.9 73 Ok Cádiz carnival; Málaga carnival
March 14.3 66 Good Almond & orange tree blossom
April 16.9 53 Great Almond & orange tree blossom; spring walking; Semana Santa; Seville Feria
May 19.9 34 Great Jerez Horse Fair; Córdoba Patio Festival; wildlife action; spring walking
June 24.3 14 Great Spring walking
July 27.8 1 Ok Cooler on the coast; whale watching; too hot inland
August 27.6 3 Ok Cooler on the coast; whale watching; too hot inland
September 24.7 18 Great Lower temperatures; walking season restarts
October 19.5 69 Great Fall walks; deer rutting & bird migrations
November 14.6 87 Good Fall walks; olive harvest; winter walking
December 11 82 Good Olive harvest

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