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From the Spanish border to the clear blue ocean, Alentejo is a place of Mediterranean forest, olive groves and hilltop villages in which traditional lifestyles survive, far from the tourist trail.

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Going slow in Évora

Portugal alentejo evora praça do giraldo c diego
People watching in Évora's Giraldo square

If you’re walking your way across Alentejo on our Inn to Inn, by the time you get to Évora, you’ve probably earned a half-time pit stop in what is a lovely, compact city to take the load off and take it easy. If you’re driving, then it’s still a lovely, compact city to wander around and relax in.

Raised by the Romans, conquered by the Moors and transformed it into a centre of learning and culture by the Christians, Évora is something of an open-air museum. Its stunning collection of buildings that span every one of those ages is a testament to both its historical importance and local efforts to conserve this cultural heritage for us to knit the city’s story back together.

That it is a UNESCO World Heritage site should surprise precisely no-one.

The fruits of this most prolific time period still stand in the Old City, from the remarkably preserved 16th century patrician houses to a splendid Romanesque/Gothic cathedral and a two-millennia old Roman temple. Most impressively, an enormous 16th Century aqueduct has been seamlessly and brilliantly incorporated into the city’s design.

Portugal alentejo evora diana roman temple 3 c diego
The remains of Évora's Roman temple
Portugal alentejo evora shade
Taking in the view of Évora cathedral

But of all of Évora’s party pieces, undoubtedly the most vivid, bordering on surreal, is the Capela dos Ossos - the ‘Chapel of Bones’.

This little chapel is lined with bones and skulls of about 5,000 souls, and is somehow quite peaceful and moving, if (unsurprisingly) a little sombre, being dedicated to the futility of life and such. But there’s something rather uplifting, or better yet let’s call it inspiring, about a little poem on display which invites visitors to stop rushing and running around, calm down, slow your pace and enjoy life while you can...

Portugal alentejo evora capela dos ossos detail c diego
The Chapel of Bones might be eerie...
Portugal alentejo evora square
... but it does remind us to slow down and enjoy life

And so that’s what we come here to do. With all this history converging, with the university students buzzing around, with a steady flow of curious visitors, Évora still somehow feels like a quiet town where you can go for a relaxed stroll through its white streets and sit down in a shady square to savour a drink and bask in its lovely weather.