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Peru machu picchu in sunlight c michael edey pura
Peru lake titicaca uros floating islands rich blue sky
Peru colca condor flying

Our Ultimate Peru Holiday: Classics Redefined

Machu Picchu at its quietest; Titicaca at its most authentic; Colca's condors after the crowds. Enjoy Peru's highlights at their unhurried and peaceful best.

Postcards from Peru

To give you more of a flavour of this holiday, here are a few short memories from us and our lovely Pura Aventura travellers. We'd love to help you create some of your own.

Everything is constructed from sticks and vines. One wall of your cabin looks out onto the jungle. You sleep under a mosquito net ... Read More
An early flight from Lima and a couple of hours clambering around a Moche temple had left our little group of four more than ready ... Read More
Chicha is a drink which appears in many forms in many different parts of South America. In Peru it is usually a fermented corn ... Read More
15 years after my first visit, I was back at Machu Picchu. In 2004, it was beautifully quiet. In 2019, I expected packed crowds ... Read More
4pm. Time for coffee. We clocked a terrace and tottered off. All was calm, all was normal, all was... utter mayhem ... Read More
The bus pulled into Pucará and we all spilled out into the streets. Most were funnelled into the little museum. I went for a stretch ... Read More
You know how nice a hot bath is after a long dusty hike? Well I'd spent a week tramping the Sacred Valley. It had been utterly magical ... Read More
Traversing a narrow track cut into the canyon, down to a shady oasis, I was focused on putting one foot in front of the other ... Read More

Why Pura Aventura?

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