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Picos de Europa Inn to Inn Walking Holiday

Walk between rural inns, and from mountain to meadow to medieval village, on the richest and most varied Picos experience you can have on two feet.

Postcards from the Picos de Europa

To give you more of a flavour of this holiday, here are a few short memories from us and our lovely Pura Aventura travellers. We'd love to help you create some of your own.

The first time I went to the Picos de Europa was the result of a sustained campaign from Diego. He kept telling me about these mountains ... Read More
It isn’t supposed to be clear, it’s November for heavens’ sake. By rights the mountains should be in a thick layer of cloud ... Read More
We were in good hands. Being nearly winter, a fire was roaring, a game of chess, a fireside chat and glass of Rioja was awaiting us ... Read More
Sometimes a moment comes together we can freeze in time and go back there in our minds whenever we want ... Read More
There is no better feeling for a guide than a guest's gratitude as you ease them out of their comfort zone, boost their confidence ... Read More
We were walking back in time. Every step further from Potes was like moving decades away from the present. ... Read More
Rafael is the owner of a large sheep and goat flock. Like his ancestors, he worries about wolves killing his livestock at night ... Read More
In Spain, if you have grapes, you make wine. If you have apples, you make cider. Since there are no vines in sleepy Sirviella ... Read More

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