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Hidden Treasures of Central Chile Road Trip

From rainforest to volcanoes, vineyards to desert, experience Chile's flavours, cultures and landscapes on a special journey along roads less followed.

This is a grand driving tour dedicated to Chile's beautifully varied landscapes, people and cuisine, all the way from Chiloé on the northern edge of Patagonia, through the Lake District and winelands to the southern edge of the Atacama.

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Day 1 - Explore Santiago with a helping hand

Your trip begins in Chile's thriving capital, where a friendly face will introduce you to their home city. You'll have no trouble finding somewhere good for dinner tonight in this foodie hotspot.
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Day 2 - Discover the stories of Chiloé

Before you drive north, you must first fly south. Chiloé is famed for its colourful stilt houses, wooden chapels and fishing heritage. You'll discover all its rich stories with your private guide.
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Day 3 - Travel along Chiloé's Pacific coast

Today is dedicated to the coastal areas of Chiloé, home to penguin colonies, remote fishing communities and traditional smallholders. The photo and storytelling opportunities are endless.
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Day 4 - Collect your car and settle into the Lake District

From Chiloé you cross to the fêted Lake District. It's hardly 'hidden', but you really shouldn't miss it. You have a walking tour of Puerto Varas to enjoy, and a cosy hotel on the lakeside to relax in.
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Day 5 - Hike, drive or get active in the Lake District

Today is yours to go explore, with scenic driving routes, beautiful forest walks and fun activities on offer. Your reference point is always the Osorno Volcano, best seen from the Petrohué Falls.
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Day 6 - Drive north to a fun forest hideaway

Your road trip starts with a drive along roads less travelled to Huilo Huilo, a grand reserve of lush forests and flowing falls. Stay in a wonderfully eccentric hotel, deep in its green heart.
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Day 7 - Walk through the rainforest

The temperate rainforests of Huilo Huilo are yours to explore on easy self-guided trails today. So precious is this ecosystem that it's only found in northwest USA, New Zealand, and Chile.

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