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Hidden Treasures of Central Chile Road Trip

From volcanoes to vineyards, starry skies to exotic forest, experience Chile's flavors, cultures and landscapes on a special journey along roads less followed.

Postcards from Chile

To give you more of a flavour of this vacation, here are a few short memories from us and our lovely Pura Aventura travellers. We'd love to help you create some of your own.

The Cueca is a cultural icon around which Chileans can come together at times of celebrations and not look remotely ridiculous ... Read More
I felt so proud. If we weren't the only non-Chileans at this Independence Day party, we were surely the only Brits. So when they ... Read More
The next day, like all good tourists, we gravitated towards the Plaza de Armas, only to find our way blocked in all directions by ... Read More
It’s an unusual set-up at Huilo Huilo. From the huge ‘Baobab Tree’ of Nothofagus, to the forest and waterfall which tumbles ... Read More

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