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Hidden Patagonia Family Adventure

Incredible activities, wonderful people and nature on an epic scale. That's why we've taken our families to Patagonia, and why we'd love to help you take yours.

On this always-active lap around Chile's greatest lake, you can explore on horse back and on foot, by kayak and by bike, in a raft and in crampons. You have your own 4x4, beautiful accommodation and ample downtime to sit back and soak in the enormity of Patagonia together.

Enjoy reading this taster itinerary. Please Request Full Details if you'd like to know more, or to discuss how we can tailor this holiday for you.

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Day 1 - Explore Santiago with a helping hand

Your trip begins in Chile's thriving capital, where a friendly face will introduce you to their home city. You'll have no trouble finding somewhere good for dinner tonight in this foodie hotspot.
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Day 2 - Travel to Patagonia's Cerro Castillo mountains

From Chile's biggest metropolis, you now fly to a region with half the population density of Mongolia. Pick up your 4x4 to drive to the mountains of the Cerro Castillo National Park.
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Day 3 - Private guided day hiking in the national park

Private-guided hike in the spectacular Cerro Castillo National Park following some or all of the spectacular Nuevo Zealandes valley.
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Day 4 - Guided walk to try and see huemul

Your private guide leads you in search of the seriously endangered national animal of Chile, the huemul. This area is the best place to see this solitary deer in the wild.
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Day 5 - Ride horses or bikes into the hills

Today is a classic Patagonian day. Ride horses or bikes, share an asado - lamb roasted over an open fire - and swap stories with gauchos using whatever Spanish, or sign language, you have.
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Day 6 - Kayak to the beautiful marble caves

Continue south into the beautiful surroundings of South America's second largest lake, Lago Carrera. Stop off along the way to kayak to lesser known marble caves on the east shore of the lake.
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Day 7 - Walk on the Exploradores Glacier

Spend today on the Exploradores Glacier, part of the Northern Patagonian Icefield, a challenging full day excursion out onto the 'big ice' wearing crampons and harnesses.

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