Antarctica landscape
Argentina patagonia peninsula valdes right whale leaping
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Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica Cruise

The ultimate wildlife voyage, from the whales of a wild Patagonia coast to the vast penguin colonies of the South Atlantic and on to awesome Antarctica.

Postcards from Antarctica

To give you more of a flavour of this vacation, here are a few short memories from us and our lovely Pura Aventura travellers. We'd love to help you create some of your own.

On Half Moon Island, I very nearly disgraced myself by tripping over a nursing Weddell Seal cub. After my near miss ... Read More
A barbecue in Antarctica? Utterly bonkers. Bonkers, but delicious. With the aroma of grilled meats in the air, we sat on the ... Read More
The snow whipping around their red hoods, huddled together for warmth as they watched the chinstraps. The penguins were ... Read More
I’m past the age where I need to prove my fortitude to my peers. But not past the age where I won’t rise to the provocation ... Read More
I’m fairly sure William H Davies never set foot here. But the first lines of ‘Leisure’ could have been written with Antarctica ... Read More
I clutched the camera as the ship dipped into another trough between waves. We were in the library, and the books on the ... Read More

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