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Our Ultimate Osa Peninsula Holiday

Wild beaches, tropical fjords and primary rainforest, brimming with biodiversity and showcased by passionate locals. This is a special trip in a very special place.

According to National Geographic, the Osa Peninsula is the most biodiverse place on earth. But, as we introduce you to the people, you'll see why it is so much more than 'just' that. Across the peninsula you'll meet brilliant conservationists, innovative farmers, passionate naturalists and the 'ordinary' Ticos who make this place anything but ordinary. In their company, you'll be immersed in local ways of life, experience food at its freshest and encounter enough wildlife to fill your own field guide.

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Day 1 - Enjoy a quiet spot to relax and recharge

Arrive in Costa Rica, where you are met and taken to Pilar and Javier's quaint B&B outside of San José. It's a leafy and quiet place to relax, recharge and look forward to the days ahead.

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Day 2 - Settle into the Osa Peninsula

After a gloriously scenic flight to the southern Pacific, arrive at your first Osa base, sat on a hill looking out to sea. Settle in, enjoy your exotic surrounds and sit down for a chat with our guide.

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Day 3 - Snorkel off a tropical island

Set out on a shared snorkelling trip to Caño Island, a hotspot for exotic marine life. Dolphins and whale sightings are possible en route and lunch is taken under the shade of coconut palms.

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Day 4 - Experience the jungle at night

Spend today strolling along the coast, keeping an eye out for monkeys, butterflies, birds and more. Later, experience the jungle at night on a memorable guided night walk.

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Day 5 - Spend the night in a jungle ranger station

Ready for something truly special? With your private guide you'll explore Corcovado NP - the most biodiverse place on earth. Sleep in a remote ranger station, cocooned by exotic sounds all around.

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Day 6 - Settle into your 'biolodge' by the ocean

After a privileged morning in the forests around the ranger station, travel to a lodge run by Osa Conservation. The team are expert biologists, the lodge very comfortable, the experience unique.

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Day 7 - Join the conservation team on shore and in the jungle

You're in the company of conservationists today. Choose to dedicate today to sea turtles, or a special 'camera trap' hike to monitor the presence of big cats like pumas and jaguars.

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