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Making travel personal

It's our job to be experts, to have experienced not just what we share, but also what we choose not to. It's our job to take time to understand you and to make intelligent connections as we create a great holiday for you.

Diego Martín

Thomas Power

Co-founder & CEO of Pura Aventura

Xabi Etxarri

Lucy Judson

Camilo Silva

Maria Jimenez

Laurent Escobar

Leesa Albrighton

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Chris Bladon

Linda Biggers

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Greta Leipute

Make sure that everything runs as planned

Maja Olsen

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A few of our beloved partners

Because we work directly with our partners, rather than through a middle person, our holidays are more textured and tailored for you, more sustainable for the destination and more rewarding for the people you'll meet on the way. Here's just a few of our many wonderful partners.

Fernanda, Alentejo

Tom & Mariela, Ecuador

Goretti & Roy, Catalonia

Emma, Peru

Blaine, Costa Rica

Kichwa community, Ecuador