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Will I be safe?

Your health and safety is our number one priority. Pura Aventura is a founder member of the Latin America Travel Association (LATA) H&S committee. It was set up to increase standards of safety across Latin America. Since 2006, nearly 1,400 hotels have been audited, along with 500 transport providers, various Galápagos boats and activities/ excursions.

In Spain and Portugal, we work directly with a specialist and highly experienced health & safety consultant although EU regulations make for a much tighter regulatory environment than is the case in Latin America.

If we believe your safety is at risk, we will take immediate action. In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong on the ground you can be assured that we are all trained in emergency management and are available 24/7 on our emergency telephone.

Do you include travel insurance?

We do not include insurance, that's a job for the experts. You are free to shop around and choose what’s best for you . We will always offer advice on which policy will suit your particular trip as well as things to be aware of when purchasing insurance.

We recommend all clients should take out travel insurance to cover them for cancellation in the event of injury, illness, family bereavement etc, as well as having sufficient medical / repatriation cover for while in country, coverage for specific activities etc.

What support do I receive when travelling?

For all trips you will travel with our detailed local advice, as well as 24/7 contacts for our local partner(s) and our main office. In addition, we have our own offices on the ground in Spain, Peru and Chile and a close knit network of long-term partners in our other destinations, so help is never hard to find.

For certain trips you will also travel equipped with other support materials, e.g. walking notes, maps & GPS device for our Inn to Inn trips and a navigation system on certain self drive trips.

Where can I find reliable information about travel vaccinations?

If you live in North America, try the Center for Disease Control & Prevention. Generally the best advice would be to head to your own government's website to find links to their travel health recommendations.

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