Travelled with Pura Aventura? Tell us a story!

In these times of walls and isolation, our past travels can be a source of positivity, connection, humour and a bit of pride too. Just imagine how many incredible stories and photos you've got wrapped up in your memories and albums. Stories and photos that can put a smile on not only your face, but on many others too.

So, why not share? Our website, our Pothole emails and social media channels are all infinitely more rich and engaging with a little of you and our other Pura travellers in it. We're not asking for a lock of hair though, just some photos and stories from your travels. It might be a whole gallery you want to share or perhaps a selection of your favourite, funniest, bumpiest moments or a series of photos that together tell their own story. Anything you think we'd enjoy and you'd be happy for us to share, basically.

It doesn't have to be a step-by-step report on your trip. It could be an interesting person you met, an intimate wildlife encounter you'll never forget or an unexpected adventure. Creativity is to be encouraged.

You'll find lots of examples below of travellers who have told us some quite incredible stories. We'd love to add yours and share it with our Pothole family.

How to share: Please send your stories and photos, via attachments, web links or Wetransfers (whatever works best for you), to [email protected] and we'll decide together how best to share them with your fellow Pothole readers.

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