The Least Deadly Sin

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I've always thought it a little harsh that sloth be deemed as one of the 7 deadly sins, based on the fact that most of us are probably culpable of it fairly frequently, and yet would tend to feel rather less guilty than with the other six. This opinion has been strengthened by my recent visit to Central America, as it seems to me appalling that there should be any negative connotation attached to the name.

Watching these adorable bundles of fur, who seem to have a perpetual smile on their face, as they move at infinitesimal speed along a tree branch, was certainly a wildlife highlight of a fauna-heavy trip.

Interestingly, the Spanish name for sloth, perezoso, is also given to the deck chairs one can hire for a couple of dollars on the deck of the rather long (10 hour) ferry from the San Juan River to Ometepe Island. Enjoying the lake view from these very comfy thrones was another positive experience - although it's true that this could be considered the height of laziness!


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