Food for Thought

As anyone who's spent time in the Pura office knows, delicious food and drink are never far from our lips, and when we're not consuming it, we're often talking about it. Aside from our love of the activities, the people, and the great scenery of Spain and Latin America, we all share a passion (obsession') with the gastronomy.

This week a number of food-related items caught my eye, mainly centred on Peru (which, of course, has the finest cuisine of any of our destinations). First up was a slightly dry piece on the BBC revealing that research has shown that maize was crucial in the development of Andean society and civilisation from around 5,000 years ago. Think about that next time you're scoffing that ridiculous size tub of popcorn at your local cinema.

Another one, which perhaps it would be wisest not to think about too closely during consumption, was found in this lovely piece about Peru's finest coffee. Scroll down to the part about the Uchuñari coffee. I'd heard about this sort of thing going on with civet cats in Indonesia, so I was delighted to hear that Peru is getting in on the act, with some of my favourite animals, 'tejones' (aka 'coatis', basically a South American raccoon).

Finally this story, which I must admit raised a chuckle, about copycat restaurants. Now, we're all very familiar with dodgy-imitation football shirts, and I well remember the pride with which my guide in Beijing showed me his 'iPhone' ('looks like an iPhone, works like an iPhone, is a fake iPhone!!').

In Peru, whose gastronomy is gaining increasing global recognition, imitating the genuine article has taken on a whole new direction, as a glut of restaurants have opened ripping off the name and design of some of Peru's flagship eateries. I suppose I shouldn't really laugh, as the people and places being imitated are doing great things within Peru and elsewhere. Still, you have to admire the originality of the imitators'

If you'd like to check out the flavours of Peru, do take a look at our holiday pages.

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