Don't try this at home... (Pt 1)

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Unless you happen to have a suitably sized volcano in your back garden.

In this Central American realm of mountains, rivers and jungles, it seems there?s no limits to the ways people will dream up to hurl themselves up / down / along / over and through the natural terrain. While some people may look up at an active volcano and admire its form, others feel that the best thing they could possibly do would be to climb to the top. However, what goes up?

But how to come down? For most of us, the logical thing to do would be to walk / scramble back down as best as our feet can carry us. At Cerro Negro Volcano just outside Leon though, they have a different idea in mind ? ?ashboarding? (aka sandboarding in some places).

This, fairly obviously, involves something akin to snowboarding the descent, although most people invariably end up taking a rather more ?posterior-centric? approach ? volcanic sand and rocks not being quite so easy to turn on as fresh powder!

So if you?re looking for a speedier way down after having slogged up the volcano, make sure you remember the ashboarding option. They?ll give you some great protective gear, consisting of knee and elbow pads, goggles - and a really fetching boiler suit.


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