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Galápagos Islands Vacations

Wildlife cruises & tailormade tours to the Galápagos

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Unashamedly biased though we are, we think the Galápagos Islands might just offer the greatest wildlife experience on our planet. If you only come here once, let's make it count.

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Family vacations

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Exploring the Galápagos underwater

Thinking of taking the kids? Great! We think exploring the Galápagos is the most amazing adventure for kids in their teens in particular.

Some boats are better suited for families and we can talk you through them. The Eric & Letty Ecoventura vessels are particular favourites. There are even scheduled family departures during the school vacations. They also offer a range of more physical activities pitched at children of specific ages (typically 12-17) - and their parents. Some boats have twin and quadruple cabins and interconnecting rooms which work well if you have slightly younger kids.

For younger children, some boats have family adventure programmes that try to turn the Galápagos into some sort of glorified pirate experience. That's not something we'd recommend.

You might also want to consider opting to stay at hotels on two or three different islands, rather than a cruise. You have more space to spread out in a hotel than on a boat. It also offers more flexibility and independence, but you can still get many of the classic Galápagos wildlife experiences.

You can structure your time to suit you, allowing for downtime on the beach and some swimming, kayaking or a mountain bike ride without straying too far. You can go for a walk when you want and visit local restaurants in the evenings. You can then add in a range of specific boat trips to nearby islands for those amazing wildlife encounters - with snorkelling and kayaking thrown in.

And of course we could tailor a combination of the activities and wildlife walks of a seven-night cruise cruise and the downtime of a three-night island stay. Let us know your ideas on the link below and we'll build your trip together.

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Cruises offer activities and wildlife walks aplenty...
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... whilst island stays offer independence and downtime