Ecuador galapagos islands espanola island galapagos with many sea lions sleeping on a beach

Galápagos Islands Vacations

Wildlife cruises & tailormade tours to the Galápagos

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Unashamedly biased though we are, we think the Galápagos Islands might just offer the greatest wildlife experience on our planet. If you only come here once, let's make it count.


The Galápagos Islands lie on the Equator so temperatures and weather conditions are generally warm and pleasant all year round. As such, there isn’t really a bad time to visit. There are generally two seasons – Cool/Dry (June to November) and Warm/Rainy (December to May), although it can still rain in the dry season, and heavy persistent downpours are rare even in the rainy season.


Month Av °C Av rain (mm) Conditions Highlights
January 25 65 Good Green sea turtles lay eggs; giant tortoise eggs hatch
February 25.2 66 Good Flamingos on Floreana & marine iguanas on Santa Cruz nest
March 26.4 54 Good Waved albatross courtship rituals on Española; land iguana eggs hatch on Isabela
April 26 58 Great Courtship dances; sea turtles & land iguana chicks hatching
May 24.7 15 Great Blue-footed booby mating dances on North Seymour; marine iguana eggs hatch on Santa Cruz
June 23 13 Good Giant tortoises migrate down from misty highlands
July 22 15 Good Whales & dolphins off Fernandina; excellent marine life
August 21.4 12 Good Excellent marine life; first sea lion pups
September 21.4 15 Good Choppier seas; penguins & sea lions active in water
October 21.7 13 Good Blue-footed boobies raise chicks on Española & Isabela
November 22.5 12 Great Sea lion pups active in water
December 23.4 19 Great Fur seal pups play; giant tortoise eggs hatch; waved albatrosses fledge

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