Ryanair Special - overhead bins now reserved for priority boarders?

This is as yet unconfirmed whether this is an isolated incident or if, in fact, Ryanair have plumbed new depths....

Kate from the sandwich shop on the corner, flew back from Ireland with Ryanair yesterday, 25th June, 2012. When she placed her carry on bag in the overhead compartment she was approached by a member of the cabin crew and asked if she had purchased 'priority boarding'. When Kate replied that she had not, she was told that she could not use the overhead bins as these are now reserved for those who had elected to pay extra for the priority boarding.

As if Ryanair flights weren't unpleasant enough already, Kate then had to fly home with her carry on bag under the seat in front. Presumably therefore removing the already paltry legroom entirely.

On the plus side, anyone who does pay for priority boarding at least now gets something of value. Previously all it got you was extra time crammed into a tiny seat in the company of indifferent (at best) staff surrounded by the most self-consciously revolting livery in the airline industry. Now at least you can 'enjoy' your special time on board knowing that your bag will be safely sliding around a near empty overhead compartment.

If this is now policy then we applaud you Ryanair! Just when you think they can go no lower, they get out a shovel and start digging ever deeper into the abyss of customer contempt.


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If you'd like to go toSpain on holiday with Pura, fantastic, but let's stick to an airline which doesn't treat its passengers like dirt. Easyjet, British Airways or Iberia area all just fine.

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