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High Pyrenees: Hike & Drive Holiday

Handpicked hikes by day, gourmet food and boutique hotels by night. Guided days and our support helps unlock the full beauty of the mountains, at your pace.

All your questions answered

Helping you find the right holiday for you is important to us, so here's a few common questions about this trip to help. If there's anything you'd like to know that's not covered here, send us over a message or you can also give us a call on +44 1273 676 712 and we'd be only too pleased to help.

When is the best time to go?

This trip can start any day from mid-April into July and September through early November. During these times, daytime temperatures will range between 15°-25°c. It can get cool at night up in the mountains and be prepared for some rain.

April can be lovely but we may need to adapt some of the higher walks if there is snow on the high ground. May and June are beautifully green, the weather very good in the main. In October and early November, the autumnal colours are a true sight to behold in the forests of the Pyrenees.

When is peak season?

Peak season is from mid July to end of August but we do not generally offer this trip during that period as the area is busier with summer holiday makers from Spain, and it is too hot for most.

How far ahead should I book?

If you have a limited travel window and specific dates we suggest you book nine months ahead. If you are flexible with dates, then three – four months ahead should be fine.

Is this trip suitable for solo travellers?

Most of the costs of this holiday are fixed so going solo will usually mean you pay nearly the same for one person as you would for two. If you enjoy time to yourself then the experience itself will be absolutely lovely, and safe.

How active is this trip?

A major advantage of having your own car is that the walks can be adapted to your needs and overall you have complete control over how much or how little you do on any given day. The itinerary includes a guided hiking day which can be adapted to suit you depending on how far you want to walk or you can always choose to be less active and do something more cultural. It is totally flexible. We also include e-biking which is easy, you basically just need to be able to stay upright and moving forwards on a bike. If you want to switch this to regular mountain bikes, it is fine.

There are lots of opportunities for other, more adventurous activities during this holiday such as rafting and canyoning. We also provide you with maps and routes for a variety of self-guided hikes in each area, from half day strolls to full day hikes so you can choose to fill the remainder of your time as actively as you choose. We can tailor the trip to be as active as you like.

What if I get lost or need some help?

Although this is a largely independent self-drive holiday, we are always on hand to help and advise should you need us. You will be given a local support number before you travel - we are always on hand 24/7.

How comfortable will I be?

The hotels on this trip are very comfortable which is to say that they are the perfect places to rest up and relax at the end of a the day. Throughout you should expect small rural guesthouses, with a warm welcome, characterful and comfortable rooms and often a delicious homecooked meal made with local ingredients. Whether it's the food, the hosts or the location, there is something memorable at each, all offering a great sense of place.

Will I meet the locals?

For sure. The cultural aspect of this holiday is a key part of its appeal and is the reason why we are sure to include time with our local guides.

What type of vehicle can I expect?

The vehicle will be suitable for the destination, the distances you are expected to cover, roads, and number of people travelling. For two people travelling to Spain you can expect a medium-sized vehicle such as a VW Golf or Seat Ibiza. We can’t guarantee the make and model. Speak to us if you prefer a larger vehicle.

If you need an automatic car, that's no problem, though we do need to know in advance as most are manual transmission. Cost of automatic cars tends to be higher.

Generally the hire cars include one named driver. You can add drivers locally and pay locally. The charges do vary depending on the location but it is usually no more than Euro 10 per day.

Can I take my own car?

Yes, that isn’t usually a problem. Let us know and we will price your holiday without a hire car.

Can I make changes to this trip?

Absolutely. This trip can be tailored to suit you so speak to us if you would like to include more activities or extend your stay to include other parts of Spain.

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