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Across Northern Spain: Drive & Explore Holiday

Scenic walks and market strolls; wine by the vines and seafood by the harbour - the best of Spain's unspoilt north coast, shared by us, tailored for you.

Postcards from Northern Spain

To give you more of a flavour of this holiday, here are a few short memories from us and our lovely Pura Aventura travellers. We'd love to help you create some of your own.

In age, the Sacred Oak of Guernica is not an impressive tree today, the young teenager that he is... But like the Basque culture ... Read More
I remember walking in Basque Rioja, the day which takes you up and over a forested ridge from Navarre into La Rioja ... Read More
The Guggenheim's exterior has stood the test of time remarkably well. Frank Gehry always said that the dramatic shining silver ... Read More
We were in good hands. Being nearly winter, a fire was roaring, a game of chess, a fireside chat and glass of Rioja was awaiting us ... Read More
It isn’t supposed to be clear, it’s November for heavens’ sake. By rights the mountains should be in a thick layer of cloud ... Read More
In Spain, if you have grapes, you make wine. If you have apples, you make cider. Since there are no vines in sleepy Sirviella ... Read More
Beautiful places would not be the same without the people who live in them. In the Picos, meeting Covadonga in her small shepherd ... Read More
Sorry, I don't know his name. But we sat on a wall and talked about goats, the Camino, life. Rural life in Galicia is hard ... Read More

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Your holiday will be deeply rooted into its local surroundings, from the people you meet and the places you stay, to the food on your plate and the wine in your glass.

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